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Objectives & Key Functions

AWEEF’s main objective is to coordinate and implement the proposed solution action plans of the Libreville Outcome Statement and the decisions of the Africa Ministers for Environment while creating synergy and building upon existing similar and alternative mechanisms, systems and networks on mutually agreed terms. This is with the aim of overcoming the main barriers and challenges that hinder the establishment, growth and development of women entrepreneurs in the energy sector in Africa. These objectives can be categorized as shown below:

  • Ensuring gender-responsive policies and all-inclusive participation in the realm of renewable energy and entrepreneurship;
  • Fostering partnerships between regional blocs, governments, the private sector and civil society needed at the regional, national and local level under the framework of women entrepreneurs in energy
  • Integrating coordination and knowledge management in strengthening the capacities of national and local governments, women’s cooperatives and associations and women entrepreneurs themselves
  • Enhance access to finance and markets for women energy entrepreneurs

The Key functions of AWEEF are described in the table below.

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