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AWEEF Membership

AWEEF members represent a broad range of disciplines and experience levels within energy, environment, gender, policy, advocacy, entrepreneurs focused companies/organizations/agencies ranging from management and law to technology and engineering. This offers members the opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s most experienced leaders, and fosters leadership development through a network of entrepreneurs, energy contacts and programs.

7.1 Membership Principles, Criteria’s and Terms of Conditions

The principle of inclusiveness shall be observed in admitting members. Therefore membership shall be open all to the State and non-state actors. The national assemblies shall be open to: (i) governments (specifically ministries of energy, gender, environment, industrialization & finance, in addition to others), (ii) Women entrepreneurs involved in energy sector, CSOs, private sector, NGOs, academia and research institutions, think-tanks and individuals.

CRITERIA: Membership to AWEEF is classified (membership categories) as all government levels (national & subnational), and energy, gender, environment, industrialization & finance, in addition to others), private-sector; CBOs; NGOs; CSO; education & research institutions; individual member and shall be all inclusive.


- Accreditation: For admission as member of the Framework, the following criteria and rules shall be binding:

  • For government category, must be a national (or local government) recognized as (in) one of the 54 jurisdictions in Africa
  • Membership of the National Branch of the Assembly shall be on renewal terms of every three years
  • Accreditation as member in any category is subject to submission of an application for accreditation.

o A complete application shall include the following:

  • Letter requesting accreditation (for all membership categories)
  • Valid contact information, including headquarter office location, post office addresses, emails, telephone numbers, positions etc. as may be applicable (for all members)
  • A copy of constitution/charter and/or statutes/by-laws and amendments to those documents, and list of affiliates (for organizational membership)
  • Copy or certificate of registration (for organizational membership categories)
  • Proof of interest in the energy, environment /gender/ industry /finance development such as annual reports; conference and seminar reports; recent press releases and copies of media statements; newsletters and other periodicals (for organizational membership)
  • Proof of existence by way of an account of at least one year of activities (for organizational membership)
  • Proof of non-profit making status (for NGOs – CSOs, CBOs etc.)

The AWEEF secretariat shall notify status of membership on annual basis.


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